Upcoming Events

Stevi & Arista28 May 2023Evening Worship
Ronnie Shipman04 Jun 2023Morning Worship
Allison Thompson04 Jun 2023Evening Worship
Katie & Anna Shipman11 Jun 2023Morning Worship
Syl Mallette11 Jun 2023Evening Worship
Bro. Long & Michelle18 Jun 2023Morning Worship
Ronnie Shipman18 Jun 2023Evening Worship
Stevi Caviness25 Jun 2023Morning Worship
Taylor Jackson25 Jun 2023Evening Worship

Past Events

Michelle Mallette28 May 2023Morning Worship
Anna & Katie Shipman21 May 2023Evening Worship
Allison Thompson21 May 2023Morning Worship
Syl Mallette14 May 2023Morning Worship
Thank you for your interest in sharing the musical talents God has given you. Please answer the following questions to help us design a schedule for 2023.